It looks SO UPSET lmao

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I’ve been working myself to death since June 1st. 
I can’t wait until next week when my newer availability hits.
I’ll have more than just one day off a week. 

I’ve barely slept over the last couple of nights that I wound up getting sick. Thank goodness for full body massages. Those are prime. 

Anonymous said: You can control your future. Please believe that you could change the thoughts of pushing people away. Is it easy? Fuck no. One day though, if you really wanted it, it could happen. I consider myself proof.

I sure hope so

Anonymous said: I'm just someone trying to get through similar stuff. so if you ever need someone to chat with..

Thanks, honey bun. :} It’s very much appreciated. I hope you get through your situation.


Rachel thinks she’s amazing at prank calls

Anonymous said: don't say that. You're great, I don't believe you'll always be alone.

You’re great.

Anonymous said: I'm sure you'll find someone that will make you forget about them.

Everyone in my life is temporary. I don’t know how to let my guard down, so I leave.

The end. 

Forever alone.


Don’t be scared to be a bitch - in some situations it’s necessary

UV reactant rope. 
I need this.

Anonymous said: I don't think it's possible for anyone to stop thinking about their exes from time to time, unless you literally forget who they are. I was in a relationship for a few years and I still thought about mine.

The worst part is that I ended things with all of them. 

I’m still attracted to my last 3 ex’s. It makes me want to punch myself in the face, because I haven’t even spoken to one of them in 3 years, and he’s the one I miss most. 

Fuck me, dude. Fuck. me. 

The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

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Medusa by Guido Mocafico.